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Upset Recovery Training Course

The Upset Recovery Training Course is an introduction to the basics required to recover from unusual attitude positions. The course is performed in an aerobatic glider.

Course Duration

The course consists of 3 flights in an aerobatic glider (MDM-1 FOX). Each session consists of a theoretical briefing before and after the flight. The theory shall be practised during the flight and then analysed in the post-flight briefing. Each flight lasts approximately 25 minutes.

Course structure


The glider is towed to 2000 meters AMSL (Above Mean Sea-Level), the instructor always performs ​​the takeoff and landing in the first flight.

The first flight is an introduction to the MDM-1 FOX sailplane’s flight characteristics. The flight begins with stall exercises in order to familiarise the student with the stall characteristics. The student shall perform the first set of basic aerobatic figures.

  • Roll-on-tow * (optional according to instructor and student experience)
  • Aileron Stall
  • Spoilers Stall
  • Looping
  • Barrel Rolls
  • Half barrel and inverted flight
  • Instructor demonstration below 300 meters

The second flight consits in performing stalls at different airspeeds and in different aircraft positions. The purpose of this exercise is to aid the student in assimilating the importance of the angle of attack.

  • Stalls while turning
  • Stalls with the glider at 45 degrees nose down attitude
  • Stalls with the glider at 60 degrees nose up attitude
  • Stalls with the glider at 90 degrees nose down attitude
  • Barrel-Roll practice

The third flight shall comprise of stalls in different attitudes, rotations and drills to practice recovery from any attitude position.

  • Recovery from upsets whilst turning
  • Recovery from slow flight and straight and level flight upsets
  • Recovery from spins and inverted spins
  • Helicopter Manoeuvre
  • Barrel-roll practice

Tows are estimated to take 17 minutes, if the tow is extended, the cost shall be that of
4 €/additional minute.

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