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Experience gliding

Anyone who wishes to experience gliding can now do so at La Cerdanya. The Initiation Flight is a glider flight accompanied by an instructor. The tug plane tows us to a height of 500 m. and then we release the rope to commence a quiet, free flight.

Special physical conditions or knowledge of aeronautics and meteorology are not necessary. Also, there are no age or gender limits. All that is required is simply a desire to live a unique and unforgettable experience.

Now you can make your wish of soaring like the birds come true

The views are spectacular. Feelings can not be transmitted. It must be experienced on a personal level. Do not let the opportunity pass.

The main objective of the Initiation Flight is to come in contact with a comfortable, exciting, very safe and affordable mode of flying. A sport that preserves the environment.


25 minute flight: €95.00

45 minute flight*: €160.00

*NOTE: The 45 minute flight is only available from March until October and from 13:00.

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