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A Privileged environment to fly in

La Cerdanya valley is a county in the Catalan province of Girona. It is defined by orographical, climatic and historical features which give the region a very particular character. La Cerdanya is one of Europe´s most extense valleys, with an east to west orientation and shaped by the Segre river, its average elevation is above 1000 meters and has an average of 3000 hours of sun exposure per year.

The valley is surrounded by the Cadí Mountain Range to the south west, the Moixeró Mountains, the Tossa d’Alp, the Puigllançada, and Pedraforca in the Berguedà region.

La Cerdanya is an ideal place to enjoy gliding in a unique setting, a privileged environment to fly in.

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La Cerdanya Aerodrome

The Aeroclub’s Gliding section is located in La Cerdanya Aerodrome. Situated in a magnificent landscape and surrounded by mountains which favour the practice of gliding.

The meteorological and topographical conditions of the valley have made the airfield and the gliding section a European reference for pilots of this speciality.


The Aeroclub’s Gliding Section has a School and a Flight Center authorized by the Agencia Estatal de Seguridad Aérea since 1999.

The pilots of the gliding section, approximately 80, participate in competitions at national, European and International level in the various gliding categories.

The section has 2 tug aircraft (Socata Rallye) and five gliders (Grob Twin Astir, Grob Twin Astir II Acro, ASW15, Grob 102 Astir Jeans and DuoDiscus).

The section also organizes state and local gliding championships so that pilots can maintain a high level of proffieicency.